Vendor Management as a Service Saves You Time And Money By Managing Communications With Your Vendors

Can Your Business Afford To Be Down When You Can’t Find Your Vendor Information?

How Long Can Your Business Survive If You Lose Your Vendor Information?

Vendor Management As A Service Helps Keep The Channels Open To Your Vendors And Protect Your Business From Loss!

Vendor Management In Deer Park Suffolk County Long Island New York

Having Access To Your Vendor Information Is A High Priority.

No matter how stable your business may be, one thing is certain: when technology and systems fail, very serious issues arise. Business owners have neither the time nor energy to work through these issues. That is where Vendor Management is at its best. We manage communication with your vendors and resolve issues rapidly with reduced stress.

Consider the frustration of not being able to solve business problems by not knowing how to communicate with the right vendors. Is it something that’s beyond your “comfort zone” that you don’t know whom to call? Vendor Management tackles the problems head on and minimizes your involvement in having to fix these problems yourself.

Our wide-ranging expertise allows us to accurately diagnose complex issues, evaluate the appropriate response, and get in touch with the correct contact for the given situation.  From Internet outages, to tripped alarms, to lost account data, Vendor Management can address unforeseen technology and business problems and ensure processes run smoothly as they should.

Vendor Management As A Service
Avg Cost/hr Down Time
Avg Outages/yr
Total Disruption (hrs)/Yr
Avg Losses/yr

** Source: Aberdeen Group, Month 2010

Successful Business Owners Use Vendor Management (VMaaS)

Don’t spend your life in constant worry; minimize downtime. We’ll help you establish a communication network with your strategic alliances and vendors that works and then manage it for you. Get Proactive Worry-Free Vendor Management Communications with Vendor Management As A Service Now! (VMaaS)

Vendor Management As A Service In Deer Park Suffolk County Long Island New York

Why Choose The Computer Pros of America as your Vendor Management As A Service (VMaaS) Provider?

The Computer Pros of America has been a leader in Managed IT Services and Business IT Consulting since 1998.

Our Vendor Management service is aimed at small-to-mid-sized businesses in need of a new vendor communications strategy. Our team can help improve processes and procedures to maximize efficiencies and streamline communications with vendors. Our approach is simple: reduce your involvement with individual vendors, freeing up your time for other business, relieving you of undue stress, and offering you peace of mind.

Let The Computer Pros of America work with vendors and allow you to work on business again.

Incredible Features Of Vendor Management As A Service

Incredible service that enables you to focus your attention on everything else that matters, saving you precious energy and resources, as we work with vendors and manage the communication on behalf of your business

Our Vendor Management As A Service Approach

The Computer Pros will maintain all of the documentation, information, and details pertaining to vendor accounts. We will control interaction and maintain relationships with your vendors. We will keep you informed of new offerings, products, and cost-saving deals. Vendor Management service allows you to remain focused on the business and not on the technology and services that run the business. Let The Computer Pros manage your vendor communications!

Get Vendor Management As A Stress Reliever

It is a common situation: feeling overwhelmed and lost when technology problems occur. Something so minor as remembering a password can be a huge stressor, to say nothing of the emotional energy you exhaust trying to keep all of your IT vendors in line. It’s time to forget the frustration of waiting on hold. Vendor Management as a Service is the stress reliever you need.

The Computer Pros understand the challenges of client-vendor relations and can work through all of them. We can speak the language, and we will communicate with diverse vendors on your behalf. We can negotiate without emotion and work with your vendors in your very best interest.

Top Reasons Why You Need Vendor Management

  • Save Time

  • Reduce Costs

  • Reduce Stress

  • Increase Productivity

  • Stay Informed

  • Peace of Mind

  • Enjoy Convenience

  • Service Excellence

  • Fewer Mistakes

  • Streamline Processes

  • Improve Infrastructure

  • Prioritize Tasks