Managed Remote Access Service
Keeps Your Global Remote Mobile Workforce Connected With Security

Can Your Business Afford To Not Provide Secure Managed Remote Access Service To Your Employees?

Not Having Managed Remote Access Service Can Cost Your Business Time And Money!

Managed Remote Access Service

Secure Managed Remote Access To Your Company’s Data Is A High Priority.

Today’s businesses need a highly secure remote access solution to corporate data to help keep communications and data private, but allow remote users to work more efficiently. To compete in today’s global economy, it is imperative that your organization provide your mobile workforce with secure 24×7 remote access to your network, applications and data from around the world. Managed Remote Access Services is ideal for securely connecting your corporate office to small or home offices and remote workforce and to help provide business continuity. Your off-site mobile workforce can get things done with fast and easy connection, securely, from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Secure Managed Remote Access
Days before detection
No Managed Security Services
Concerned About Employees Steal Data
Cyberattacks Use Phishing, Hacking

Successful Business Owners Use Secure Managed Remote Access Services To Enable Business Growth.

Save Your Business Money, Increase Employee Productivity, Expand Remote Mobile Workforce, Get More Done Efficiently With Security. We’ll help you establish a Remote Access strategy that works and then manage it for you. Get Worry-Free Remote Access To Your Company Data with Secure Managed Remote Access Services Now!

Cloud Backup As A Service (BaaS) with Laptop for mobile workforce

Why Choose The Computer Pros of America as your Managed Remote Access Service Provider?

Business Owners need a trustworthy Remote Access Partner that will be there to manage their remote access needs. With 20 years’ experience as a Managed IT Solutions Provider with Remote Access expertise, The Computer Pros of America is a leader in enterprise class Managed Remote Access Services. We help small businesses with 24×7 management, monitoring and auditing of their secure remote access connections to their corporate data. We ensure that your business is fully protected against unauthorized access and that the remote workforce has a fast, secure connection at all times.

Partner up with a leader, Let The Computer Pros of America manage your remote access needs while you manage the growth of your business.

Incredible Features That You Get With Managed Remote Access Service

that strengthen your businesses by enabling your remote workforce to work more efficiently with Secure Managed Remote Access Service.

Do you know which employee has remote access to your sensitive corporate data from outside your network?

Did someone install a remote access software without your knowledge?.

You need a way to control who has access to your corporate network and to audit when your network is being accessed. You need Managed Remote Access Services

Get Enterprise Level Managed Remote Access Services

The Computer Pros of America delivers secure 24×7 Managed Remote Access Services using an ASP model designed expressly to ensure robust and secure operation while integrating seamlessly with your company’s existing network and security infrastructure.

Our Certified Professionals will configure user account parameters to meet your organization’s needs, implement corporate security policies and support privacy mandates. We administer access by users or groups to specific services such as file transfer, clipboard sharing and remote printing. Our service also provides the ability to enforce password update frequency and reuse policies, limit time-out periods, lock accounts and computers after authentication failure and mandate the use of one-time passwords or RSA SecurID two-factor authentication.

Top Reasons Why You Need Secure Managed Remote Access Services

  • Quick Access to Corporate Office

  • Secure Access

  • Balance work/life

  • Work from Anywhere

  • Work At Any Time

  • Increase Staff Productivity

  • Expedite Processes

  • Reduce Stress

  • Reduce Costs

  • Keep Remote Staff engaged

  • Expand Mobile Workforce

  • Lower Commuting time

  • Offer Flexibility

  • Compete In A Global Economy