Managed Backup as a Service
Keeps Your Data Safe, Secure and Accessible

Can Your Business Afford To Lose Data? How Long Can Your Business Survive Without Its Data?

Managed Backup As A Service Will Protect Your Data From Loss!

Data Loss Prevention

Proactive Automated Protection Of Your Company Data Is A High Priority.

Business owners don’t have time to manage data protection to local tape, external hard drives, NAS, SAN, cloud and online backups. They need to spend less time worrying about the company backups and more time working on growing their business.

Companies need simple, secure, reliable data protection for their critical applications, files and folders with automated complete backups, high success rate, rapid recovery and timely reporting. Managed Backup as a Service provides protection for servers, desktops, laptops, tablets; remote and mobile workforce.

The last thing your organization needs is to suffer from data loss and possibly financial hardship due to an inability to maintain proper backups of data. Your Data needs to be protected from any disaster with Managed Backup as a Service.

Cloud Managed Backup As A Service
Climate Disasters per year
Million People affected by disaster/year
Billion Dollars in Storm Damage/20 yrs
Lives lost in Earthquakes / 20 years

Successful Business Owners Use Managed Backup As A Service (BaaS)

Don’t spend your life in constant worry; never lose your precious data again. We’ll help you establish a Backup strategy that works and then manage it for you. Get Proactive Worry-Free Backups Of All Your Company Data with Managed Backup As A Service Now! (BaaS)

Cloud Backup As A Service (BaaS) with Laptop for mobile workforce

Why Choose The Computer Pros of America as your Managed Backup As A Service (BaaS) Provider?

The Computer Pros of America is a leader in enterprise class Data Protection Services, Managed Backup As A Services (BaaS), Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions since 1998. We help small businesses protect themselves from unexpected data loss with proactive managed backup strategies. Our Managed Backup Services approach is to prevent data loss in the first place. However if your business does experience data loss, our expert Data Recovery Professionals are available 24/7 to provide your business with immediate data restore support. Let The Computer Pros of America protect your data while you grow your business.

With our managed backup as a service, we create a complete disaster recovery plan for your business. Our goal is to use industry standards and best practices to prevent data loss in the first place and then implement backup policies and procedures to manage any data loss and to minimize downtime due to data loss.

Incredible Features That You Get With Managed Backup As A Service

Strengthen your businesses data protection and lower your data recovery costs with our Managed Backup As A Service. (BaaS)

Our Managed Backup As A Service Approach

Our approach is to build a hybrid solution of a local backup appliance combined with a secure off-site cloud-based backup data center to store your data backup with the highest level of data encryption. This delivers a robust, secure and cost-effective solution that provides multiple levels of data recovery, both locally and from the cloud data center.

Get Enterprise Level Data Protection with BaaS

When it comes to enterprise level data protection, your business is safe with The Computer Pros Managed Backup as a Service, BaaS. We provide 24×7 managed backup services that monitor the health of your local and cloud backups to ensure 100% successful completion rate. From files, applications to operating systems and digital assets, we provide full, incremental and/or continuous backups, of all your irreplaceable mission-critical systems and data, automatically, affordably and effectively.

Strengthen your business’s data protection and lower your data recovery costs with Managed Backup As A Service (BaaS). We are committed to providing your business with world-class data protection that is fast, reliable and secure. Trust The Computer Pros of America with your important files and data.

Top Reasons Why You Need Data Protection

Why would I lose data?

  • Natural disaster

  • Power failures

  • Human error

  • Physical loss or theft

  • Failed backups

  • Hardware or software failure

  • Viruses / Hackers

  • Accidental deletion

  • Data Corruption

What happens if I lose my data?

  • Downtime

  • Lost Earnings

  • High Data Recovery Fees

  • Bankruptcy

  • Out of Business

  • Lost Reputation

  • Law Suits and Hefty Fines

  • Interruption in Workflow