Having A Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan
Keeps Your Business Safe from Disaster.

Can Your Business Afford To STOP Operating? How Long Can Your Business Survive When Disaster Strikes?

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Will Save Your Business From Loss!

Data Loss Prevention

Cost-Effective Business Continuity & Data Recovery For Your Business When Disaster Strikes.

Natural disasters are becoming more common and costly. Having a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plan is vital to the survival of your business when disaster strikes.  It is important that you devote time and attention to prepare for the future, collect and document information, refine communication, and develop operational procedures that protect your organization in case of emergencies. Your business needs to build a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plan so that you can handle any disaster.

The Computer Pros of America specializes in providing first-rate Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions.  We’ve been particularly successful in helping customer that are concerned about service disruptions and the great financial exposure that may occur, unhappy that their business reputation, customer confidence and trust are in jeopardy, disappointed in the amount of time that it takes to recover their business during difficult circumstances.

We’ve successfully been able to implement business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that help our customers become more resilient, save their brand, value and reputation, minimize service outages, reduce recovery time and most importantly, save their business from business risk and financial losses that could be catastrophic.

Cloud Managed Backup As A Service
Climate Disasters per year
Million People affected by disaster/year
Billion Dollars in Storm Damage/20 yrs
Lives lost in Earthquakes / 20 years

Successful Business Owners Have
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Prepare your business before disaster strikes. You need an affordable, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan that provides resilience and high availability with guaranteed ability to recover in a timely fashion. Don’t spend your time in constant worry; Don’t risk losing your entire business. We’ll help you establish a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery strategy that works .

Get Worry-Free Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Prepare your business for disaster today with The Computer Pros of America, Corp!

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Why Choose The Computer Pros of America For Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery?

Business Owners need a trustworthy Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery partner that will be there to support them when a disaster strikes. With 20 years’ experience as an Business Information Technology provider, The Computer Pros of America is a leader in small business and enterprise class Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions. We help businesses protect themselves from disaster and our certified professionals are available 24/7 to assist when in need of immediate recovery support. We ensure that your business is fully protected against costly downtime and workflow interruptions. Partner up with a leader in and let The Computer Pros of America protect your data and business while you grow your organization.

Incredible Benefits That You Get With
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Strengthen your businesses ability to recover from disaster with low cost Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Approach

Our approach is to build a plan that includes a hybrid solution of a local recovery device combined with synchronizing that data to a secure off-site cloud-based data recovery center to store your data with the highest level of data encryption. Along with documenting all aspects of your business procedures and policies, we also locate a location for your employees to relocate to, or setup remote access so that your business can run from anywhere in the world.  This delivers a robust, secure and cost-effective solution that provides multiple levels of data recovery and business continuity, both locally or from the cloud, or from remote locations around the world.

Get Enterprise Level Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

When it comes to enterprise level business and data protection, your business is safe with The Computer Pros Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning. We provide 24×7 managed services that monitor the health of your local Disaster Recovery device and cloud Disaster Recovery storage location to ensure 100% successful synchronization of your data and the ability to recover instantly. From files, applications to operating systems and digital assets, we provide full, incremental and/or continuous recovery points, of all your irreplaceable mission-critical systems and data, automatically, affordably and effectively.

Strengthen your business’s reliability and lower your recovery costs with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning. We are committed to providing your business with world-class data recovery protection that is fast, reliable and secure. Trust The Computer Pros of America with your important files and data.

Top Reasons Why You Need Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

Why would I need Business Continuity and Data Recovery?

  • Natural disaster

  • Power failures

  • Human error

  • Physical loss or theft

  • Failed backups

  • Hardware or software failure

  • Viruses / Hackers

  • Accidental deletion

  • Data Corruption

What happens if I don’t have a plan in place?

  • Downtime

  • Lost Earnings

  • High Data Recovery Fees

  • Bankruptcy

  • Out of Business

  • Lost Reputation

  • Law Suits and Hefty Fines

  • Interruption in Workflow